Locating a Drill Hole

There are three ways to access CorStruth results.

(a) Direct links to ....  TasmaniaNSWNorthern TerritoryVictoriaQueensland South AustraliaWA

 These links below take you to pages with lists of all drill holes and links to the .png images and .csv files that have been produced as part of the CorStruth project. You can search for the name of the hole you want using the "Find on this page" option on your browser. However, unless you know a lot about your hole, the variability of identification and location information means it is not always easy to find a hole of interest in these lists. 

(b) Google Maps Display

Only the holes that have Lat/Long information can be seen by following this link which will take you to Google Maps. Clicking on a drill hole icon will display a sidebar with links to the CorStruth results and other information. However please note that  a few holes without Lat/Long information. These will not be on this map but can be found among the Direct Links above. 

The map shows the NVCL drill holes with either blue or red dots. Holes logged with a HyLogger-3 instrument are shown in blue and those with a HyLogger-2 are shown in red. 

NOTE: There is currently a problem for display on mobile devices with the Google Maps App installed. In this case, although the maps display properly, the links in the sidebar that come up when a hole is selected are no longer active. I’m still looking for a solution to this problem.

(c) Links in a Downloadable Spreadsheet.

To provide a better search and sorting capability for this information you can now download this Excel Spreadsheet that has all the information I have at the moment for each hole. This spreadsheet has links to the CorStruth images and csv files for each hole, some location descriptions and (where available) Lat/Long coordinates for the holes.


Each state has different ways of locating and identifying their drill holes. This means some descriptive fields in the CorStruth database are only applicable for some states. For SA, Tasmania and NSW I have been able to supply a link to the data that is on the state Geological Survey website for their NVCL drill holes but I'm still missing some Lat/Long information for some holes in WA, NT and Tasmania. And a word of warning ... this database has thousands of Lat/Long coordinates, many of which will have been originally entered by hand. I have checked them with some simple tests but I remain almost completely confident that not all the errors have been fixed. I'd be very grateful to learn about any errors you find. (see email contact at the base of the CorStruth Images) 

The locations of some of the NVCL holes can be also seen on the AuScope Discovery Portal by clicking Boreholes/National Virtual Core Library and putting the relevant state in the provider section of the NVCL Filter Properties form. Clicking on a borehole icon will bring up the borehole name and other information. Here you can download results and raw HyLogger data for expert interpretation. However, at the moment, there are more drill holes in the CorStruth data base than are available through the Discovery Portal.

When the data from a drill hole has been uploaded to the AuScope Portal (the green dots on the Google Maps Display) the descriptive field called "Core Image" has a link to this data and clicking it will bring up a mosaic the HyLogger Linescan image of the whole hole. Clicking on one of the trays brings up the tray image and clicking on a part of that image brings up VNIR/SWIR and TIR spectra around that location. (Thanks to Peter Warren for helping me get this working)